The Center programs include a full spectrum of customized services to help people with brain injuries, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), neurological disabilities, strokes, visual impairment and blindness, developmental and learning disabilities, mental illness, limited mobility and physical limitations and for recent high school graduates with an individualized education plan (IEP).

Day Program Services

The Center offers day programs that provide cognitive enrichment, stimulating recreational activities and meaningful social interactions. Participants set personalized goals, engage in prevocational tasks and community integration, and receive assistance with activities of daily living. The programs are available Monday through Friday and offer caregivers support, education and respite.

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Community Support Services

For many people with disabilities, barriers in their communities may limit their choices for an independent life. The Center offers a holistic approach to support the needs of those wanting to gain the skills to live independently, maintain employment and safely engage in the community.

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Therapy and Counseling Services

The Center offers continued rehabilitation services to maximize quality of life and increase independence. Our licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists provide skilled therapy treatments and our licensed counselors offer individual, family and group counseling sessions.

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Adaptive Equipment Services

The Center helps people get the equipment and devices they need to become and stay independent. Adaptive equipment can help a person with activities of daily living, such as bathing, toileting, eating, mobility and engaging in their community.

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Employment and Vocational Services

The Center is dedicated to assisting people with finding meaningful, paid employment. Our employment services include vocational evaluation, skills assessments, career exploration, vocational training, individualized job placement, on-site job supports and continuing job retention. The Center also actively prepares youth for their transition from school to work.

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Social Enterprises

The Center owns and operates social enterprises as a means to provide training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. All of the products from the Center’s social enterprises are handmade, packaged and sold by an integrated workforce. Proceeds from the social enterprises support the Center.

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