The Center For Specialized Services offers quality care and supervised activities for individuals living with brain injuries or other cognitive disabilities. With half and full-day options available Monday through Friday, participants can enjoy a variety of stimulating activities adapted to their individual goals and capabilities. Caregivers can attend to other responsibilities during the workday, knowing their family member is in good hands.

Program participants receive

  • Brain enrichment exercises and activities
  • Recreational activities and physical exercise
  • Individual program goal setting and progress updates
  • Physician ordered restorative rehabilitation therapies
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Behavior programming and social skills training
  • Prevocational activities and planning
  • Community integration skills training

To be eligible, a participant must

  • Have a documented disability, including brain injury or developmental disability
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be medically stable
  • Have no limitation that precludes participation in groups
  • Have no toileting or feeding issues that cannot be managed within staff limitations
  • Not have active drug or alcohol abuse problems
  • Not have current behavior difficulties that would be considered a danger to themselves or other participants, overly disruptive to other participants or have aggressive, severe, uncontrolled psychiatric problems
  • Have the ability to benefit from cognitive enrichment and socialization/recreational activities to maintain and/or improve skills
  • Have the ability to benefit from program services as determined by a pre-admission team
  • Have access to funding or have the ability to private pay
  • Have a minimal elopement risk
  • Have a physician’s approval to participate in this program
  • Be enrolled in Medicaid, unless doing private pay

Program schedule and attendance policy

The Adult Day (SELF) Program provides services Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with approved funding. Program is available full time or part time based on funding available and participant needs. Upon admission, a schedule of program attendance will be coordinated with the participant. If the participant is unable to attend program, it is required that the participant or family notify the program staff. Regular and consistent attendance is necessary to maintain enrollment in the program and discontinuation of the program may be considered if attendance requirements are not met.

Funding options

Participation in the Adult Self Program (Day) can be funded through the Department of Mental Health – Developmental Disabilities Services, the Department of Health and Senior Services or private pay. Unless doing private pay, a person wishing to participate in the program must meet the funding requirements of the state agency and meet the eligibility requirements for Medicaid on a monthly basis to qualify for services.

Interested in our Adult Day (SELF) Program?

For more information or to refer someone to the program,
contact Daniel Greenspan, Director of Self Program (Day), at 314.983.9230 ext.1202 or